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Manhattan NY Truck Accident Lawyer

Manhattan Truck Accident Lawyers – Frekhtman and Associates represent accident injury victims of Trucking Accidents including 18-Wheeler Truck Accident and various other types of truck accident injuries within New York State.

Heavy commercial trucks are more hazardous on the highways compared to other smaller vehicle. Some of these vehicles lose control very easily as they have blind spots on either sides and carry heavier loads. They carry loads that scatter debris all over the road causing sudden skidding or overturning of the truck due to higher center of gravity.

The dangers presented by these heavy trucks are terrifying, as the drivers of smaller vehicles involved in accidents usually experience devastating injuries, like injuries to the brain and spinal cord or even death.

Some of the noteworthy accident statistics related to all kinds of vehicles are given below-

– As per the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), there were roughly 6,570,000 vehicle accidents in the year 2002 that includes truck accidents.
– In these accidents there were 42,815 deaths and 2,925,758 injured.
– Fifty nine % of the victims did not wear seat belts.
– 17,419 victims were found under the influence of alcohol.
– As per reports, ten percent of the accident victims got immobilized.

Accidents that involved 18-wheelers mostly caused life-threatening injuries to the passengers and drivers involved. Due to the Port in Houston, the Houston metropolitan has the largest number of commercial transportation in this region. Accidents involving 18-wheeler are mainly due to blowouts, unsafe loads, and driver violations, resulting in a large number of personal injuries and wrongful deaths claims every year. Unfortunately, many transport companies guide their drivers on what to say and do after an accident to avoid being accountable. For such reasons, it is necessary to hire an experienced lawyer who is well versed with these accidents and punish the negligent truck drivers for causing injuries and fatalities.

Some of the common reasons for 18-wheeler accidents are given below-

– Improperly accommodating blind spots
– Sudden brake failure
– Scattered debris on the road
– Overtiredness or fatigue condition of the driver
– Over speeding and not following the traffic rules on the road
– Sudden tire bursts on the road
– Drunken Driving
– Unsafe freight or cargo shifting in the consignment section
– Driving negligently

If you are injured in any type of trucking accident then do get in touch with your Manhattan Truck Accident Lawyer at 1-866-ATTY-LAW.


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